“The Restoration of the Mind, is the Art of Healing Hearts” 

Healing Hearts Behavioral Health Care is a private counseling practice that creates safe spaces for people seeking to understand and change self-defeating thoughts and old behavioral patterns, heal from difficult life experiences, and live fully—finally.


Founded by Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Relationship Expert, LaMora D. Pace, Healing Hearts Behavioral Health Care specializes in serving adult men and women who feel stuck in several key areas of their lives. Extraordinary at her work, LaMora has supported hundreds of people to breakthrough. After realizing early in her twenty-year career that most traditional therapy failed to really reach clients from diverse communities, LaMora began developing her signature approach to counseling. Today her highly effective work is an unmatched combination of traditional therapeutic techniques, cultural understanding and pure compassion. As a Qualified Clinical Supervisor, LaMora has also personally trained and mentored therapists here.


Services at Healing Hearts Behavioral Health Care are designed to carefully and compassionately help clients to uproot traumatic experiences, family secrets and destructive behaviors that keep them from experiencing happiness, love and success. Applying our distinct treatment approach of cognitive behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, and life and leadership coaching, we are experts at identifying the obstacles and challenges that hold our clients back.




Well known for our engaging, down-to-earth approach that instantly makes people feel valued and validated, we believe in an individual's power to change, even before they do. So with a perfect blend of patience and push, our therapists guide our clients through a process of in-depth exploration that results in them feeling empowered and emotionally strengthened, more in control of their lives, and finally free to fully live.

What They ​Are Saying!


Real Client, Google Review

When I first went into LaMora’s office,    I was skeptical because I had tried therapy before and it was not helpful.

She has helped me by being personable and extremely knowledgeable. I even began using her couples counseling to help fix my marriage because of the changes I saw in my personal life. I will recommend her to anyone!


Real Client, Google Review

A therapist who is professional, intelligent, and extremely gifted with insights on the situation.

Her background and web site got me to contact but what compelled me to choose her out of many is who she is and the wisdom / insight gained just by meeting once.

I look forward to continuing to work with her.




Real Client, Google Review

I love her!

 She’s the sweetest and she doesn’t sugar coat anything, which I loved because she’s going to tell you what you NEED to hear and not what you want ! Because of her services I’m married with a beautiful family.

I would refer anyone to her for anything.




We have a highly effective, skilled and compassionate team to serve men, women, and adolescents. If you are seeking mental health or relationship counseling, you have come to the right place for healing your heart, restoring your mind, and building a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

LaMora Pace, LCSW, CAP

CEO, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


LaMora Pace is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Relationship Expert, and Founder/CEO of Healing Hearts Behavioral Health Care.  Whether she is providing heart-to-heart work with individuals and couples, advocating for the mental wellness of all ethnicities, or coaching and training other mental health professionals, it is clear that LaMora is a woman who is driven by an unmistakable passion for helping people to really thrive.


Masterful at bringing love back to life, LaMora specializes in relationship counseling "Couples on the Verge" of calling it quits. But, with her, couples develop the tools to communicate, recommit and rebuild a healthier relationship rooted in love and trust. From their family of origin to unhealed wounds, LaMora skillfully helps clients identify the root cause of their relationship challenges. 


Drawing on her extensive clinical experience with counseling individuals in therapy, LaMora pulls couples apart, to ultimately bring them closer together. She also teaches them to love themselves so that loving others is easier. 

Erica Thompkins

Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Erica Thompkins was born and raised in Miami’s inner city.  The early exposure to violence, poverty, and systematic oppression drew her to the field of Social Work.  As a result, Erica believes that her calling is to serve her community through advocacy and stewardship.


In 2010, Erica completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Florida Memorial University.  Armed and focused on serving and impacting her community, Erica furthered her education and completed a Masters Degree in Social Work at Florida International University.  


Collectively, Erica has 10 years of experience serving individuals and families.  Therapeutically, she believes in  a client-centered approach, and is dedicated to focusing on clients' strengths and needs. 


Erica is a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern with the State of Florida and she is ready to serve you. 


Her favorite quotes are: “Meet the clients where they are” and “Don’t allow your current situation to influence your future decisions.”

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